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Pipedrive Deals/Persons: Data Sync Troubleshooting

Pipedrive synchronization of chats into Deals and Persons may be affected by a couple of factors. Mainly, data synchronization may be affected by your Pipedrive environment.

In this article, we'll go over the different aspects that could impact data sync for your Deals and Persons on Pipedrive, and how you can fix this for you and your workspace.

Pipedrive's Visibility Groups and Permission Sets

Pipedrive allows you to set visibility groups and permission sets, which can limit the access that you and your team may have to Deals and Persons.

When you set up your TimelinesAI-Pipedrive workspace connection, it's imperative that you ensure that you're doing so with a Pipedrive account where you are an Admin User.. The reason why is that Pipedrive Admin Users have all permissions enabled by default, which will allow you to perform any action within your Pipedrive workspace.

Also, it's important for you to check your visibility groups, in order to ensure that you have full access to everything within your Pipedrive workspace.

If you have limited visibility and/or permissions within your Pipedrive workspace, then you may experience issues when reviewing your Deals and Persons.

How to check your Visibility Groups and Permission Sets:

Visibility Groups:
On Pipedrive, click on your profile picture, at the top-right corner of your screen
Select "Company Settings"
Click on "Manage Users"
Select the "Visibility Groups" tab

Permission Sets:
On Pipedrive, click on your profile picture, at the top-right corner of your screen
Select "Company Settings"
Click on "Manage Users"
Select the "Permission Sets" tab

For more information, we recommend reviewing these articles from Pipedrive:

Visibility groups
Permission sets

Data Sync: Troubleshooting

If you notice that the data from your WhatsApp chats is not syncing into your Deals and Persons on Pipedrive, you may then review the following information:

Workspace Connection Status: Confirm that your TimelinesAI-Pipedrive workspace connection is active and, that it was set using a Pipedrive account with Admin User privileges.

Sync Log: Once you've confirmed the above, open a chat within TimelinesAI and get its Sync Log.

The Sync Log is obtained by following these steps:

Open the chat you want to review on TimelinesAI
Hover your cursor over a message and click on the three-dot icon "⋯" that will show up above the message
Select Sync Log from the drop-down
A window will pop up with the entire history

The Sync Log will contain links to the Person and Deal on Pipedrive. Clicking on these links can help you determine where your chats are syncing to.

Duplicated Persons: If you have duplicated Persons on Pipedrive, then TimelinesAI may have a hard time syncing your chats properly - it is important that you corroborate that you don't have duplicated Persons, to avoid any issues during the synchronization.

Duplicated or Closed Deals: Having multiple active or closed Deals can impact data sync; TimelinesAI only syncs chats into the most recent and active Deal. More and detailed information about how the synchronization works can be found here: How does the WhatsApp-Pipedrive integration works on TimelinesAI

Data Sync: Reporting an Issue

If you have gone through the details above and still can't figure out why is data not syncing into your Persons and Deals, then please make sure to contact us via our Chat Support or email at When you contact us, please have the following information ready for us to review:

The Chat URL from TimelinesAI
A screenshot of a message's Sync Log, within the same chat thread
A screenshot of the Pipedrive Deal where the following information is visible:

Deal URL - which displays within the web browser's search bar
The associated Person's details within the Deal (you may need to scroll the sidebar on the right)
The Changelog opened with the most recent information visible

A screenshot of your Pipedrive user's permission and visibility group settings

Updated on: 18/04/2023

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