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Zapier Automation #4: Slack and WhatsApp

TimelinesAI allows you to integrate Slack with WhatsApp, via our Native Zapier Integration.

This Zapier template will send an automatic notification to a Slack Channel, whenever you receive a new WhatsApp message.

Native Zapier integration is available on all TimelinesAI plans.
You can try it on a Free Trial right now! No credit card or additional setup is required, works with all WhatsApp numbers.

Learn more about the WhatsApp and Zapier Integration here.

In this article, we'll go over the process of creating this Zap. You'll find the template at the end of the article, for your convenience.

Step 1: Create a new Zap

Log into Zapier and then create a Zap by adding the information required in the respective fields like this:

Once you are done, you may click on "Try it".

* Note: If you haven't done it already, Zapier will ask your permission to access information from your Slack account. Once you approve it, Zapier will proceed and gather data from your account. You must also integrate TimelinesAI with Zapier. You can follow these quick steps, in order to have everything set for this and future Zaps that you create:

Go to TimelinesAI and click on the "Zapier" section
Make sure to click on the "Generate new token" button. This will provide you with a token that Zapier will require, to integrate with your TimelinesAI account:

Make sure to click on that token, so it can be copied to your clipboard

Then, go back to Zapier and continue the process by pasting that token into this text box:

This will allow Zapier to load your WhatsApp account - make sure to select your account there and then, click on "Next"

Step 2: Editing the Trigger

Select your TimelinesAI workspace. Once you have selected it, you may click on "Continue".

Then, you'll proceed to the "Test trigger" section. Here, Zapier will load one of your recent chats and will allow you to review the details. You may click on "Continue" once this information has been loaded here.

Step 3: Editing the Action

Here you'll be able to select your Slack account; after selecting it, click on "Continue".

Set up action

In this section, you'll configure the action by filling the following fields:

Channel: The channel in which you want to receive notifications. You'll be able to select the channel from the list that Zapier will retrieve from your Slack account.
Message text: The contents of your notification on Slack. You may add terms to identify it as well as Data Variables that Zapier offers, as you can see here:

Send as a bot?: Select "Yes", if you don't want you to be visible as the one sending this notification.
Bot Name: The user name you have designated on Slack to display these notifications. If you haven't created any user, you may leave it as it is; Zapier will be the name by default.
Bot Icon: You may use an icon from a URL or an emoji within your Slack account.
Include a link to this Zap: Select "No", if you don't want to share a link to this Zap within each notification.
Attach Image by URL: You may specify a URL in this field, to upload a given image to Slack - leave it empty, if you don't want this to happen.
Auto-Expand Links: If links are shared in your chats, this option will allow a preview. You may select "No", in case this is not relevant for your notification.
Link Usernames and Channel Names?: In case you want to name specific users or channels in Slack.
Schedule At: You may choose to schedule this notification to be sent at a certain point.
File: If you want to share a file; you may leave it blank.
Thread: You may leave this empty, in case you don't want to associate this to specific threads.
Broadcast To Channel?: Select "No"

When you are done, click on "Continue".

Step 4: Testing your Zap

Once you click on "Send test", Zapier will send an automated notification that will be visible on Slack.

After you have confirmed that the notification was sent, you may go back to Zapier and proceed to the last step by clicking on "Publish Zap". This will take you to a section where you can double-check the details you just entered here, and then you may turn this Zap on.

We hope that this article has been helpful. You may find the template that we made here:

Receive Slack Notifications Whenever you get New Incoming Messages on WhatsApp

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via our Chat Support or send us an email at We'd be glad to provide further assistance!

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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