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WhatsApp and Zapier Automation #9: Send Messages to New Chats in WhatsApp when you have a Paid Order in Shopify

WhatsApp & Zapier Automation Overview

If you want to send WhatsApp notifications whenever you get a new paid order, use this step-by-step guide. Once a paid order is created in Shopify, a WhatsApp message with all the details you need to share will be automatically sent. Your customers will get their orders, and you can be satisfied knowing you've automated another workflow.

This Zapier template will send an automatic WhatsApp message to shoppers who purchase a new order.

Native Zapier integration is available on all TimelinesAI plans.
You can try it on a free trial right now! No credit card or additional setup is required, it works with all WhatsApp numbers.

Learn more about WhatsApp and Zapier integration

Step 1: Create a New Zap

For illustration purposes, we will create a Zap where automated messages are sent on WhatsApp to shoppers who pay for a new order. However, depending on your needs, you may change the triggers and actions available within their respective drop-down menus on Zapier.

Log into Zapier and then create a Zap by adding the information required in the respective fields like this:

Once you are done, click on “Try it”. This will take you to a section where you’ll be able to select the Shopify and TimelinesAI account that you’ll use. Zapier will ask your permission to access information from Shopify.

Enter your Shopify username in the required field, and you will connect your Shopify account. Once you approve it, Zapier will proceed and gather data from your Shopify account.

Step 2: Connecting TimelinesAI Account

After you finish step 1, Zapier will ask you for your TimelinesAI account. To connect TimelinesAI account, you need to:

Go to the TimelinesAI account;
Click on the “Integrations” tab on the sidebar;
Choose  “Zapier Integration“, where you’ll need to click on “Generate new token“:

Make sure to Click on that Token, so it can be Copied to your Clipboard.

Then go back to Zapier and continue the process by pasting that token into this text box:

This will allow Zapier to load your WhatsApp account - make sure to select your account there and then, click on "Next".

Step 3: Customize your WhatsApp Message

Zapier will ask you for information about the message. The information that you’ll enter here are variables that will be preloaded from your Shopify account:

When you click on the “Phone number” field, Zapier will provide you with variables, which will have an example beside them.

The “Message text” is where you’ll write the message that you want to send to people. You may add more variables depending on your intended message. Once you are done with the fields above, you may proceed by clicking on “Continue”.

Step 4: Testing your WhatsApp & Zapier Automation

Once you click on “Test action”, Zapier will send an automated message that will be visible on TimelinesAI and WhatsApp accounts.

After you have confirmed that the message was sent, you may go back to Zapier and proceed to the last step by clicking on “Next”. This will take you to a section where you can double-check the details you just entered here, and then you may turn this Zap on.

And that’s how you create a Zap to send automated messages to shoppers whenever they purchase a new order. You’ll be able to review this on Zapier by clicking on “Zaps“.

Step 5: Check out other ready-to-use WhatsApp and Zapier Automations

Looking for something else? No problem, we got you covered! Just register for a tree trial and submit your request in our in-app support chat - we will create a template for you!

Updated on: 06/04/2023

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