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Unable to Find a Chat

If you can not find a particular chat within your Chat List/Inbox, then it's probably because it's not synchronized or archived on TimelinesAI. To check both cases, follow the instructions below.

Chats are not Syncing

This may happen due to an interrupted connection with WhatsApp. We recommend you review the following:

The device is charged and has a stable internet connection
The Battery Saving mode, or Power Optimization, is disabled within your mobile device - If you need more details about this step, please check the article WhatsApp Chats and Messages are not Syncing

Chats are Archived

In TimelinesAI, you can archive chats that are not in use anymore. When you archive a chat, it disappears from the Chat List/Inbox. It will also disappear from the filtered lists of chats.

If you need to see archived chats, you may do so by creating a filter for archived chats, which will allow you to see these in a tab, within your Chat List/Inbox.

We suggest you refer to this article: Archived Chats

Contact Us

If you still have any difficulties finding your chats, please contact us via our Chat Support, at the bottom-right corner of your screen, or send us an email to We'll be more than glad to further assist you!

Updated on: 27/12/2022

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