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Sending Broadcast/Bulk Replies On WhatsApp

TimelinesAI enables your team to send Bulk Replies to your contacts on WhatsApp.

It works similar to Broadcasting on WhatsApp, but provides you with a bit more of options.

Users of TimelinesAI can:

Send marketing messages in bulk to customers who they have interacted with. The recipients don’t have to have your number saved in their contact list.
Send the bulk replies to more than 256 contacts. You can segment or filter customer chats by labels, chat types (groups or direct chats) and save these lists as presets. The bulk reply is useful to send updates, news, and upsell services to your customers.

How to send a Bulk Reply campaign

Select the contacts you want to send a Bulk Reply, by ticking the relevant chats from the chat list or by selecting them from a previously created Filtered view:

A window will pop-up, where you can input the campaign message and attach files (Max. file size 2MB), if needed:

Click Send and your messages will be sent within ~2 minutes.

Go to the "Mass Messaging" tab on TimelinesAI, to see your Bulk Reply Campaigns and their details. Here you can check the following information:
Sent by: Name of the Teammate who sent the campaign
Action: Here you'll be able to download a report in a CSV file format, to review the campaign's progress and status of each message
Message: You may click on the messages that display under this column, to review the contents of the Bulk Reply


Completed: The Bulk Reply campaign was successfully sent
Canceled by user: The Bulk Reply campaign was canceled before being sent (during the "Scheduled" status)
Scheduled: This status will last for ~2 minutes - you may still cancel the Bulk Reply campaign at this point

Note: You can do other tasks within TimelinesAI while the campaign is on a "Scheduled" status, given that the system will be sending the messages in the background. After it's done, you will get a notification.

Once your Bulk Reply campaign is completed, you may download a CSV file report, from the "Action" column, within the "Mass Messaging" section on TimelinesAI. The report will look like this:

Tip: You can use Templates, add attachments, or simply type a message and send it away.

How to Create a Custom List on TimelinesAI for your Bulk Reply Campaigns

Custom lists are created by creating Filters. Learn how to create a new Filter by referring to the articles below:

Applying Filters to the Chat Inbox
Labeling Chats

And that's it! If you have any questions, please reach out to us via our Chat Support. We will be glad to help you out!

Updated on: 02/01/2023

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