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Mass Sending Quota: Overview

The Mass Sending Quota (a.k.a. Message Automation Quota) is used for specific features on TimelinesAI:

Automation via:

Public API Integration
Zapier Integration
HubSpot Workflows
Zoho Workflow Rules
Monday Automation Recipes
ChatGPT Integration

Bulk Reply and Mass Messaging Campaigns

Note: Sending Files via Automation consumes an extra quota unit
This quota will define how many messages can be sent by a TimelinesAI workspace monthly, via the aforementioned channels.

Mass-sending Quota: Plans

Each of our plans comes with a different set of mass-sending quota (recurring quota):

CRM Integration Plan (25 USD monthly per seat):

Provides you with 50 messages; it can be increased up to 500 for an extra monthly fee of 30 USD (or 6 USD for every 100 messages of quota)

Shared Inbox Plan (40 USD monthly per seat):

It comes with 500 messages; it can be increased up to 1,000 for an extra monthly fee of 40 USD (or 4 USD for every 100 messages of quota)

Mass Messaging & Automation Plan (60 USD monthly per seat):

This one will provide you with 2,000 messages of quota; it can be increased up to 50,000, for an initial extra monthly fee of 30 USD per each 1,000 messages of quota.

Note that:
1. The mass-sending quota that comes included in your plan will be replenished every month, based on your subscription billing cycle
2. If you have purchased extra mass-sending quota, then all the quota (purchased and included with the plan) will be replenished monthly based on the extra mass-sending quota billing cycle that is seen on your Subscription page (may differ from your plan's billing cycle)
3. The mass-sending quota does not roll over (you cannot accumulate it and use it in the next month; any remaining quota will be lost upon a new billing cycle)
4. Lastly, keep in mind that the mass-sending quota is given at a workspace level and not at a user level

Non-recurring Quota

If you want to add quota to your plan but you don't want to be charged monthly for it, you can opt to purchase a non-recurring quota.

This quota differs from the recurring quota mentioned above as it never expires; once you purchase it, it'll be kept until spent/used.

Non-recurring Quota is only available for the Business and the Mass Messaging & Automation Plans. Moreover, the minimum non-recurring quota you can purchase is 5,000 messages, which have a one-time cost of 200 USD (however, you can purchase even more non-recurring quota, if you need it).

For more information, please feel free to contact us via our Chat Support or send us an email at

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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