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Labeling Chats

Using Labels for your Chats

Using labels is one of the most useful features in your Shared Inbox. It helps to group chats by topics, create custom lists, and filter out chats by different criteria.

Labeling a Chat

To label a chat from the All Chats view(chat inbox):

Hover your cursor over a chat you want to label
In the floating menu click on the "Labels" button:

A window will display; you'll see the "Choose labels" text box, where you may type the name of your new label or select the ones you've previously created

Note: You may create a new label here, just by typing the name of that new label, you'll then be presented with the option to create it by clicking on "Create label..."

Once you are done labeling the chat, you may click on the "Update" button
These green labels will then be applied to the chat right away

Add a Label to an open Chat thread:

Open a chat and refer to the "Contact Info" panel on the right
Add a label to the chat:
If the chat is not labeled yet, click the green "+" button to add a Label

If the chat was labeled before and has some labels, click on the labels to update them

You'll see an "Add/edit labels" window pop-up; select existing labels or, type the name of a new label and click on "Create Label..." option in the drop-down:

Creating a New Label and Adding an Existing one

Click on "Update"

Labeling Multiple Chats

You can label multiple chats - it is useful if you need to work with a big number of chats.

To add a label to selected chats:

Select relevant chats by ticking their respective checkboxes, which are on the left side of each
Refer to the Tool Bar that's at the top of the chat inbox
Click on the "Labels" button
You'll see an "Add/Edit labels" window display. Here you may type the name you want for your new label(s) or, select a label from the drop-down
Click "Update"

Green labels will display next to the relevant chats:

Deleting a Label

You can delete a label from the All Chats view(chat inbox) by following two methods, listed below:

Delete a label via the chat's hovering menu:

In the All Chats view(chat inbox), search for the chat you want to update; hover your cursor over it and click on the "Labels" button

You'll see the "Add/edit labels" window, where you may refer to the "Choose labels" field
Lastly, just make sure to click on the "x" icon that's within the label you want to delete and then, click on the "Update" button to save your changes

Delete a label from the All Chats' top toolbar:

Select a chat by ticking its checkbox on the left
Navigate to the top of the All Chats view(chat inbox)
Make sure to click on the "Labels" button:

The "Add/edit labels" window will display - you may proceed by clicking on the "x" button that's within the labels you want to delete
Once you are done, hit the "Update" button to save the changes made to the chat

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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