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Tagging Specific Messages within your Chats

What are Tags?

Tags allow you to organize and/or identify messages.

For some chats, it might be useful to add tags to particular messages, to keep them divided by topics. It provides the possibility to easily find them in long chat threads.

To add a tag to a message in a chat:

Go to the desired chat and pick a message you want to tag
Hover your cursor over a message and click on the "Tag" icon, in the floating menu on the right
In the "Add/Edit" window, create a new tag or choose one from the ones that you've previously created (if applicable)
Hit the "Update" button.

The tag will then be applied to that message.

Note: If you can't see the tag added to your message, just refresh the page.

Find Tagged Messages

After tagging your messages, you can use the Search Bar that's on top of the chat inbox, to find them.

To find messages with a tag:

Navigate to the top of the chat inbox and click on the Search Bar.
Select Advanced search settings option:

Then, within the "Tags" field, select one or more tags so that you can get search results based on these

Click on the "Search" button
In the search results, you will see all the messages with the tag(s) you attached to them

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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