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Applying Filters to the Chat Inbox

How to Create a Filter

You can create a new Filter by clicking on the New filter button, that's beside the Search Bar that's on the top of the Chat Inbox.

How to Create a Filtered View Step-by-Step

You will be able to name the new filter. After that, you can set the criteria that you see fit, to sort your chats from WhatsApp. After you apply them, click on the "Apply" button, to save the filter:

Criteria for Filters

Labels: You may use this field to enter the labels that you have applied to your chats, which will allow them to be filtered
Whatsapp Account: It is used to filter chats that come from a specific number (in case you have more than one WhatsApp number connected in your workspace)
Chat name: Do you have a specific naming system for your chats? If yes, you can choose to display only chats that have a specific nomenclature in their title
Closed status: It allows you to filter out closed chats; you can select "All", "Closed only", or "Open only".
Set as default filter view: You can replace your default "All Chats" tab with this checkbox, so it can be the first view visible when you access your inbox
Shared with the team: Check this option if you want to make this list visible to all your team members (Available only for Owners and Admins)
Chat types: You can choose between Direct chats, Group chats, or include both
Responsible: You can create a chat list, which may belong to a specific Teammate. It's useful if you want a quick way to oversee your team's performance on WhatsApp
Unassigned only: You can display chats that are not assigned to any of the team members
Read status: You can display chats that are unread/read depending on your needs

Where can I see Filtered Chats?

When you click "Apply", a new tab will be created for you within the chat inbox; you'll be taken to it right after creating the filter.

The list is updated automatically. For example, if you included chats with a specific label, and added this label to a new chat, it will get added into the list automatically. The same works for any other criteria.

Set a Filter as Default View

You may set a filter as a default view for your team; only workspace Admins and the Owner can set this. If you want to see the Filter that you created as the first tab in the Chat view:

Go to the filter you want to set as default and then, click on the downward arrow that's beside the "New filter" button; at the top-right corner
Then, make sure to click on "Set X filter as default", as shown below:

To set a filter as a default view from the New Filter settings:

Create a new filter
Check the option "Set as Default", in the Filter settings
This filter will then be set as a Default Tab in your inbox and will be placed as the first tab there

Create a Filter with a Chat Name criterion

If you use a specific naming system for your chats and you want to see them in a separate filter view tab, you can refer to the "Chat name" field, while creating a new filter, and add the term you use in chats that you want to filter. It may be the name of a company, location, etc.

Note: You can only enter one name to the chat name field. It should be a part of the word or the whole word written the same way as it appears in the name of the chat title. If you've entered a term in the chat name field but there are no chats displayed in the filtered view, please check if you wrote it correctly and make sure you did not use any punctuation or special characters. 

After setting the Chat name, you will see a new Filter created as a new tab, in the chat inbox.

Create a Filter for Closed Chats

You may create a filter to only see closed (or resolved) chats on TimelinesAI.

Click on "Create a new filter" button
Name the filter accordingly; we suggest naming it as "Closed chats" or "Resolved chats"
Proceed to select the "Closed only" from the drop-down menu "Closed status":

You may then proceed and click on "Apply". The system will create the filter and take you there for you to review the closed chats.

Create a Filter from your connected WhatsApp accounts

TimelinesAI allows you to create a filter, which will display all the chats that are handled by one of your connected WhatsApp accounts. Have in mind that only Admins, Teammates, and the Owner can do this, by following these steps:

Go to the WhatsApp Accounts section on TimelinesAI
Then, click on the WhatsApp account you want to review
TimelinesAI will create a filter for that account, within your Shared Inbox, and will take you there right away!

Change/Delete a Filter

You can update a filter by changing some criteria or you can completely delete the filter altogether.

To update/delete a filter:

Select one of your already existing filters that you want to modify
Click on the downward arrow that's beside the "New filter" button and then, click on either "Edit X filter" or "Delete X filter":

If you click on "Delete X filter", the system will delete it right away

If you click on "Edit X filter", you'll be presented with the filter's details, which you can edit and then, click on "Apply". You can also delete the filter here, by clicking on the "Delete" button:

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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