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Pipedrive & Zapier: sending automatic WhatsApp messages

via Zapier

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Send WA message to new Pipedrive deals/leads

Send WA message to new Pipedrive deals/leads

This workflow requires a field within the Pipedrive containing user phone numbers in international format.

Create a new Zap at
Trigger :
app: search for and select Pipedrive
event: select the desired event : New Deal or New Lead
Test the trigger by creating a new entry ( deal or lead depending on the selected event) at Pipedrive. Make sure to add a valid Phone number into the designated field when adding a new entry.
app: search for and select TimelinesAI
event: select Send Message to New Chat
account: choose your connection. If you don't have any connections, establish the connection with your TimelinesAI workspace by entering your token from
WhatsApp Account: select the desired WhatsApp account. This is the number FROM which the message will be sent
Phone number: insert the Pipedrive field that contains the user's phone number ( passed from Trigger)
Message text: type in the desired text to be sent to the user
Test and publish your zap

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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