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Pipedrive Automations: change default deal/lead titles

via Pipedrive Workflow Automation

New WhatsApp chats are created as deals or leads at Pipedrive in accordance to the settings from > Action on New Chat. Newly created deals or leads will have the following title by default: Whatsapp deal ({$contactnameor_numberhere)_.
This automation changes this default title.

Open your Pipedrive account > desired Pipeline > Automations
Add a new automation:

Triggered by: select the desired option
Trigger: Deal ( or Lead)> Deal (or Lead) Created >apply trigger
Add instant condition > Deal (or Lead) title contains Whatsapp deal
Add an action: Deal> Update Deal (or Lead) Fields
Action setup ( selecting field that will be changed): Select "Title" as a field > Next
Action setup: (setting the new "Title"): Step options > Deal created > select "Deal" > Next
Action setup: (setting the new "Title"): Type the desired new title . You can add variables using the + icon to the right of the field )

Save and activate the new automation.

End result: New Pipedrive deals or leads that contain "Whatsapp deal" in their title, will be named to "My new Title here: {$Pipedrive_deal_contact_person_name}".

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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