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Pipedrive automations: populate custom field with formatted data from an existing "Phone" field

via Pipedrive Workflow Automation

TimelinesAI Pipedrive integration adds contact's phone number into the Person's phone field.
This automation populates a new custom field (WhatsApp chat link) with a number from person's "Phone" field and adds at the beginning of the number.
The end value will have the format and will open WhatsApp web or WhatsApp app on click where you can manage that chat further directly in WhatsApp ( for example to make a call).

Add a custom field at Pipedrive. Follow this guide for more details: .
Give the field desired name. In this example we will use "WhatsApp chat link" name.
Field type is "text".
Select the Pipeline where the new field should appear.

Open your Pipedrive account > desired Pipeline > Automations
Add a new automation:

Triggered by: select the desired option
Trigger: Deal ( or Lead)> Deal (or Lead) Created >apply trigger . Note: you can configure any other trigger depending on when you would like the automation to start populating the new field with data .
Add instant condition > Deal (or Lead) Pipeline is XXX ( select the needed Pipeline AND Deal/Lead Contact Person Phone is not empty:
Add an action: Person> Update person fields
Action setup ( selecting field that will be changed): Select your newly created field. In this example "WhatsApp chat link" > Next
Action setup: Step options > Deal created > select "Deal" > Next
Action setup: (setting the new value): Add then click the + icon to the right of the field and select "Deal contact person phone"
The result should look like this:

Save and activate the new automation.

End result: When new deal is created ( or your own configured trigger is activated) and if the deal's person has a phone number, this phone number will be used to create a WhatsApp link within the new custom "WhatsApp chat link" field. On click this link will open the chat in WhatsApp web or WhatsApp app

Updated on: 12/02/2024

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