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Pipedrive Automations: Mark "New WhatsApp messages" activity as "To-do" activity in Pipedrive

via Pipedrive Workflow Automation

New received WhatsApp messages appear as Done activities in Pipedrive.
This automation will mark such activities as To-Do.

Open your Pipedrive account > desired Pipeline > Automation
Add 2 new automations:

Automation #1: new activityAutomation #2: existing activity updated
Triggered by: select the desired optionTriggered by: select the desired option
Trigger: Activity> activity created >apply Trigger: Activity > activity updated> apply
Add instant condition Add instant conditions:
Add an action: Add an action:

End result: Pipedrive activity that contains new WhatsApp messages will be marked as "To-do" instead of "Done"

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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