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Monday CRM Integration Recipe: Send an Automated Message

In this article, we'll go over the process of how to set up a Monday Recipe that can allow you to send automated WhatsApp messages.

This recipe will send an automated message over WhatsApp, whenever an item's status on Monday gets updated.

These are the requirements to effectively configure and send WhatsApp messages with this method:

Have an active subscription with TimelinesAI
Have enough mass-sending quota
A connected WhatsApp account in your TimelinesAI workspace
A configured Monday CRM Integration

Note: Refer to this article to set up your Monday CRM Integration on TimelinesAI

Getting Started

Go to your Monday CRM and proceed to click on "Integrate":

Search for the TimelinesAI app and proceed to select the recipe "When status changes to something send message from whatsapp account to phone". The underlined terms here are variables that you will be able to edit; we'll go over these below.

In order to make this recipe work as expected, you must have columns of the following type in your Monday CRM board:


Now, you may work with the variables in this recipe. You'll need to set the following variables:

"Status": select the "Status" column
"Something": select the specific status you'd like to work with
"Message": this option will allow you to create a template with variables, which will help you customize the message depending on the contact details

You'll be able to select the different variables below the text box which will aid you in redacting a customized template

"WhatsApp Account": you can select the WhatsApp account that you have connected to TimelinesAI. The system will load all of your connected WhatsApp accounts. Choose the one you want messages to be sent from.
"Phone": lastly, select the "Phone" column for this one.

Once you have selected all the fields, you may click on "Add To Board" to save your changes. Monday will automatically enable this recipe for you.

Now that you have created and enabled this recipe, you may test it out by changing the status of one of your contacts on Monday. The system should send an automated message using your template:

TimelinesAI will also inform you that the message came from Monday.


If you are experiencing issues with the recipe, then you may check the following:

Run History: Integration Activity

Monday provides a registry where you'll find details about the recipes and how these are working. You'll find this useful tool by clicking on "Integrate" and then, you'll click on "Board Automations":

By reviewing the details of specific recipes, you'll find the "Integration Activity" section, which will provide you with a registry of how your automation is running:

When a WhatsApp Account is Disconnected

If you don't have a connected WhatsApp account on TimelinesAI, then the recipe will not work. When you access your Board Automations section, you'll see this recipe temporarily grayed out with a text in red, "Reconnect your WhatsApp account in order to reenable this recipe". Make sure to refer to this article, so you can reconnect your WhatsApp account on TimelinesAI

Once you have reconnected your WhatsApp account, you may go back to Monday and access the Board Automations, so you can turn this recipe on.

Out of Mass-sending Quota

The other issue that you may experience is running out of mass-sending quota. The Board Automations section will provide you with more information about this, by reviewing the specific activity and expanding its log, so you can learn more about the issue:

If this happens, then you'll have to increase your mass-sending quota, so the system can send automated messages as expected.

Monday CRM Log

If you are noticing that everything's in order and still the recipe is not working as expected, then you may contact us with the Monday CRM Log found within your TimelinesAI account:

Contact us via Chat Support or email at with the log mentioned above, so we can investigate this further. We'll be happy to assist you.

Updated on: 14/03/2024

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