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How to create a webhook module to catch data from your TimelinesAI webhook

Open the existing scenario or create a new one
Add a new trigger module: to add a new module to empty scenarios, simply click the + sign.
Search and select Webhooks > Custom Webhook
Click the Add button next to Choose a hook and enter the desired name in the window that pops up to the right > click Save:
Click Copy address to clipboard:
Open > Add a new endpoint or edit existing one. Refer to this article on how to created/edit TimelinesAI webhooks.
Paste the copied webhook into the Webhook URL field

How to run the created Webhook module

Right-click the created Webhook module > Run this module only. Once the module is active, it waits for data from your TimelinesAI webhook.
When the data is received the Webhook module will display a counter on the upper right side. If you click the counter you will see the received data

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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