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Message sent from Pipedrive doesn't show up in Pipedrive feed

Sometimes, a message sent using the Action Panel on Pipedrive doesn't display in the Activity Feed. This may happen when your Pipedrive has a duplicated Person with the same details (name and phone number) and the Activity Feed is updated for that Person instead of the current one; the one you sent a message to.

How to check if the message was sent?

If the message is visible on the WhatsApp Mobile app for the recipient, then this means that the integration works, as messages are successfully delivered
If the message shows up on TimelinesAI, then it means that integration works, as messages are successfully delivered

How to see if the message is available on TimelinesAI?

Go to the WhatsApp section on TimelinesAI
Select the "My account" tab
Click "Manage the contact list" to extend it
Search for the relevant name of the chat
Click on it's link and you'll be taken to that chat

Video Explanation

Troubleshooting steps

If the message is sent (displays on WhatsApp and in TimelinesAI), then it's important to check whether the message is syncing to Pipedrive, under another Person. To check where the message is saved in Pipedrive please follow the steps below:

Go to WhatsApp Account → Manage the contact list
Search for the chat in question
Take a screenshot of the message's Sync Log, by hovering your cursor over a message within the chat and then, clicking on the 3-dot button "⋯" and selecting the Pipedrive Log

If the Sync Log is empty, then it means there was some connection issue
If the Sync Log is not empty, verify which Person/Deal the message was synced to. Make sure to double-check that there are no duplicated contacts on your Pipedrive

When taking a screenshot from Pipedrive, verify that the URL and phone numbers are visible in the screenshot
Send us the screenshots, via our chat or email at, and we will investigate the issue on our end

Updated on: 18/01/2023

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