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Message Contents are not Displaying on TimelinesAI

You may have messages displayed, within the WhatsApp Mobile App/Web chats, but on TimelinesAI, the messages are empty; without any content:

Why is this happening?

This happens to chats where the settings for "Disappearing Messages" are activated. This may display on the WhatsApp Mobile App as a "timer" icon, next to the contact's profile picture and, in the "Contact Info" of the particular chat, in the section "Disappearing Messages".


If you want the contents of the given chat to be displayed, you need to disable the "Disappearing Messages" setting. To disable this setting:

Open the WhatsApp Mobile App and go to the chat in question
Tap on the Contact's name to get into the "Contact Info" section
Select the "Disappearing Messages" setting
Set the "Message Timer" Off
After that, messages will display on TimelinesAI as expected

Updated on: 27/12/2022

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