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How to translate TimelinesAi workspace using Google Translate

Did you know that you can easily translate your whole workspace to a wide range of languages using the Google Translate extension for Chrome browser?
This will translate even the WhatApp messages themselves! Excited to get started?
All that's required is a Chrome web browser and a TimelinesAI account.

Install the official Google Translate extension in your Chrome browser

Pin the extension for easy access: To pin , open any website in Chrome. Click the little puzzle icon and pin the Google Translate extension. Once pinned it will be visible right after the address bar. If not pinned you can still access the extension, but will have to click the Extension icon every time.

Open your TimelinesAI workspace

Click the pinned Google Translate extension icon and then click "Translate this page"

Select the desired language and watch the magic happen!

Updated on: 24/08/2023

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