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How to Turn On Filters to see the HubSpot Integration

After establishing a connection between TimelinesAI and HubSpot, take one additional step for the integration to be visible in HubSpot:

Click on “Test integration”
A pop-up will be displayed with a link to a Test Contact created in your HubSpot account; click on it. If you missed the pop-up, navigate to your HubSpot account and find the “TimelinesAI Support” contact

Navigate to the “Activities” tab, click on "Filter by: Filter activity" drop-down, and select “WhatsApp”:

Navigate to Sales → Deals and find “Whatsapp deal (TimelinesAI Support)”. Then, go to the “Activities” tab and select “WhatsApp” there as well.

And you are all set! From this point onwards, messages from your connected WhatsApp accounts in your TimelinesAI workspace will automatically appear in the Activity timeline of appropriate Contacts and Deals (according to integration settings).

Updated on: 19/04/2023

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