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Team Roles and WhatsApp Chats on TimelinesAI

The role that you assign to your team members on TimelinesAI, will determine how they'll interact with WhatsApp chats.

In this article, we'll go over the specifics of how team roles interact with WhatsApp chats. Also, we'll explain how you can share your WhatsApp account with your team members.

How Different Roles Interact with WhatsApp Chats

Here's a quick overview of how different roles see/interact with WhatsApp chats on TimelinesAI:

RolesOwn WhatsApp ChatsOthers' WhatsApp ChatsAssigned WhatsApp Chats

1. The Owner, Admin, and Teammate roles have access to all chats.
2. Whereas the Agent role will only see/interact with chats that come into its own WhatsApp account, or those that were assigned to it directly, by other team members.
3. The Collaborator role is unable to connect a WhatsApp account; they can only see and interact with WhatsApp chats that have been assigned to them, and reply to those chats on behalf of the WhatsApp account(s) connected in the workspace.

For a more detailed description of each role on TimelinesAI, refer to this article: Roles for Managing your Shared Inbox on TimelinesAI

Share your WhatsApp Account with your Team on TimelinesAI

You'll be able to share your business' WhatsApp account with your team members on TimelinesAI. This will allow them to handle its chats and reply using the same WhatsApp account.

This solution works best for plans that come with a shared inbox feature, such as the Shared Inbox and the Mass Messaging plans.

How to share your WhatsApp account: Step-by-Step

Connect the WhatsApp account you want to share with your team
Invite your team members to your workspace, while making sure that their roles are either Admins or Teammates
Make sure to have your team members connect only WhatsApp accounts used for work, to avoid unintentional disclosure of personal conversations via CRM.

Once you do this, your team will be able to see all the chats that come into your WhatsApp account. They'll also send messages on behalf of that WhatsApp account:

The chat text box on TimelinesAI will inform you that the message will be sent on behalf of that WhatsApp account

On Pipedrive, your team members will be able to use your WhatsApp account to reach out to Contacts

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Updated on: 19/10/2023

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