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Connect Multiple WhatsApp Numbers to your Workspace

How to connect multiple WhatsApp numbers and share access with your team

In TimelinesAI, you can connect more than one WhatsApp number, to share access with the rest of your team and manage the WhatsApp accounts in one workspace.

Each TimelinesAI profile can connect up to 1 WhatsApp number. This means that if your team uses more than 1 WhatsApp number, you'll need to ask a Teammate to connect their number to the workspace. You can also create a second profile in your workspace, and connect the additional number using a new user profile.

To Connect Additional WhatsApp Numbers:

Connect your first WhatsApp account to TimelinesAI
Invite a team member to join your workspace, making sure that their role is set to "Teammate"
Ask your Teammate to connect their WhatsApp account. To do so, they need to have their mobile device with their own respective WhatsApp account active

Note: If you want to connect more WhatsApp numbers, you'll then need to repeat the steps above, with another user profile.

When a Teammate Connects their WhatsApp Number

Chats (the ones sent after the connection has been established with TimelinesAI) will be synchronized automatically and added to the All Chats list
The team will be able to manage chats and reply indefinitely
Replies will automatically arrive to the inbox

Tip: If you want to distinguish the chats that go to a specific WhatsApp number, create the custom Filter for those chats.

How to Distinguish Chats from Different WhatsApp Numbers

Create a Filter View - By WhatsApp Account
From the All Chats tab, click on the "New Filter" button, that's beside the Search Bar at the top of the page
Add a Filter Name - you may use the name that belongs to your Teammate
Make sure to define the WhatsApp account you want
Checkmark the option "Share with the team", so your team can have access to this filter view as well
click on "Apply"

Creating a Filtered view for a WhatsApp account

As a result, you will see a new tab in the Chat views with all chats coming to that WhatsApp number. Now you can easily identify which chats belong to the WhatsApp number you set within your filter.

You may create different Filters following the steps above, so you can oversee the chats handled by different WhatsApp accounts that may be part of your workspace.

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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