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Leave Internal Chat Comments and Notes

How to Exchange Internal Comments and Notes

You can use internal comments and notes, which will be visible in your workspace but not seen to your contacts. This is a great way to keep your Teammates updated on specific procedures, updates, and actions that they should be aware of for specific chats.

On the other hand, you can also tag a Teammate using "@" sign and then typing their name or email.

To Leave Internal Comments for your Team:

Hover your cursor over a message, within a chat thread, and select "Add a comment"
Leave a comment:
If you want TimelinesAI to notify a Teammate about the comment, you may mention anyone from your workspace by using "@" and add their email address
If you want to leave a general internal note for the team you do not need to mention a particular Teammate

Click on the "Send" button. The comment will be visible to a team under the relevant message.

Adding an Internal Comment to a Message

Note: The comments are not sent to the WhatsApp contact, which makes them useful to discuss or clarify internal topics with your team, relevant to the chat.

To Leave an Internal Note in a Chat

Open a chat thread
Click on the yellow "New note" button

Type the message you want to share with your team. You may format the text and add an attachment (File size limit 100MB):

Once you are done, you may hit the "Post note" button and the note will be saved within the chat thread

Note: Keep in mind that this note will not be visible to your contact.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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