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TimelinesAI Teams For Your Workspace

TimelinesAI allows you to organize your workspace members into teams to control access to WhatsApp accounts and chats.

Creating a Team for Your Workspace

The workspace Owner and Admins can create as many Teams as they see fit. Then, they can appoint a Team Supervisor(s) to manage the team members that will be part of the same team.

To create a Team:

Head to the “Team Settings” on TimelinesAI
Click on the “Teams” tab
Click on the “Create new team” button
The system will provide you with a text box, where you can enter your new team’s name (in this case, we’ll call it “Sales Team”)
Once done, you may click on “Save”

Note: You can edit the Team’s name by clicking on its name and updating it accordingly.

Adding Members to a Team

Now that you have created the Team, you’ll be able to add workspace members to it.

Adding existing members to a Team.

If you already have team members within your workspace and you want to add them to one of your Teams:

Go to the Team Settings and you’ll be taken to the “People” tab
You’ll see a list of your existing workspace members and, under the “Team” column, you’ll see their current Teams
Click on the “Edit Team” icon and select their new team; click on the “Save” button once you are done

Note: Existing members in your workspace that don’t belong to a Team yet will be part of a “Default” team. This Team cannot be edited in any way.

Adding new members to a Team.

Go to the Team Settings and you’ll be taken to the “People” tab
Click on the green “Invite” button and fill out the following fields:

Here you’ll be able to select the role for your new workspace member (Teammate, Team Supervisor, Agent, Collaborator), and the Team you want them in, and you’ll be able to type their email address, so they can receive an invitation to join.

After sending this invitation to one or more team members, they’ll show up within the “Invitations” tab.

Teams Management

TimelinesAI will allow you to appoint Team Supervisors, who will be in charge of the workspace members in a given Team.

Team Supervisors will be able to:

Change Team Members’ roles to Team Supervisors, Teammates, Agents, and/or Collaborators
Suspend or Restore Team Supervisors, Teammates, Agents, and Collaborators
Rename the Team

WhatsApp Accounts within Teams

These accounts will only be available to members of a particular Team. Workspace members who are part of a Team won’t have access to WhatsApp accounts/chats that belong to another Team - unless they are the Workspace Owner or Admins.

Note: The workspace Owner and Admins will have access to all Teams and all their WhatsApp Accounts and Chats.

Updated on: 10/12/2023

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