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Monday CRM Integration Recipe: Sync WhatsApp Messages as Board Item Updates

This recipe will allow you to sync WhatsApp messages, including attachments, to board items on your Monday CRM.


Have an active TimelinesAI subscription
A WhatsApp account connected to your TimelinesAI workspace
A configured Monday CRM Integration

Note: Also, we strongly recommend setting the recipe "When new incoming chat received for WhatsApp Account number create an item" which is explained within the Monday CRM Integration article linked above

Getting Started

Head over to your Monday CRM and click on “Integrate”:

Next, search for the TimelinesAI app and open it. Then, select the recipe “When new message received in whatsapp account find item in the current board by phone and update it”. The underlined terms here are variables that you can edit:

"WhatsApp Account": You can select a specific WhatsApp account connected to TimelinesAI. The system will load all of your connected WhatsApp accounts - you can select one or click on “Any”, so the recipe can consider all of the WhatsApp accounts you have in your TimelinesAI workspace.

"Phone": This variable will be the one used to identify the contact’s WhatsApp account number - it must be an exact match, between the number found on WhatsApp/TimelinesAI and Monday.

The "Phone" variable must correspond to the "Phone" column found in your Monday Board

Once you are done with the variables, you may click on the "Add To Board" button - Monday will automatically enable the recipe for you.

And that’s it - from now on, every message and attachment sent/received within your WhatsApp chats will sync as updates into your Monday Board Items, as long as there's an item with a matching phone number:

This is how it’ll look like on Monday, within the Item Updates section:

A few things to keep in mind:

The messages will not sync into daily blocks - messages may be either aggregated or added as separate updates, depending on the timing of their arrival
Attachments will be synced and displayed as a part of Updates, with a preview for supported media types/formats
The contact name will show up before the timestamp when the message was sent/received

Updated on: 11/04/2024

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