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TimelinesAI and Monday CRM Integration

If you want to integrate with WhatsApp, you may do so via the integration.

Integration overview:

How to setup the Monday Integration

Before proceeding, it's important to note that there are two ways to configure this integration, which allow it to work differently depending on your needs:

Default Integration: This will be set upon establishing the connection between TimelinesAI and Monday - it has a fixed or static structure

Monday Recipe: After setting the Default Integration, you’ll be able to create a Monday Recipe. This method will allow you to add items to an existing board of your choice, by mapping the fields into existing columns in said Board.

Scroll to the bottom of this article to learn more about the Monday Recipe configuration.

Note: This integration can only be configured by the workspace Owner or Admin users (Master Connection)

Integration Set-Up

First, log into your Monday CRM account and in the same web browser window, in another tab, log into your TimelinesAI account.

Once done, you may go to TimelinesAI, where you'll see the Monday CRM Integration in the sidebar that's on the left:

Step 1: Install TimelinesAI in your Monday Account

Click on this button to get started. You'll be taken to a page where you can select the following:

All Workspaces: TimelinesAI will be installed in all of your Monday CRM workspaces
Specific Workspaces: Selecting this option will allow you to choose the specific workspace on Monday CRM where you want TimelinesAI to be installed

After selecting any of the options above, you'll need to click on the "Install" button that's at the bottom of the page.

You'll be taken to the "Installed Apps" within Monday CRM, where TimelinesAI will show up, confirming that the first step has been completed and now, we can continue with the next step.

Step 2: Authorize TimelinesAI in your Monday Account

Back on TimelinesAI, now you need to click on the second button "Authorize TimelinesAI in your Monday account" and you'll be taken to a page where you'll authorize TimelinesAI to access your Monday CRM information.

Just make sure to click on the "Authorize" button at the bottom.

Once done, the system will take you back to TimelinesAI, where you'll notice that the connection is now established.

How does the integration work?

Monday Integration Settings

You'll see these settings within the Monday CRM Integration on TimelinesAI:

Connected Workspace: If you have selected "All Workspaces" when you set up the integration, then you'll be able to see this setting, which will allow you to switch Monday CRM workspaces, by selecting them from a drop-down menu.
Test Integration: This option creates a new test contact on Monday CRM - keep in mind that you must have your WhatsApp account connected on TimelinesAI for this functionality to be active

Integration Principles - Default Integration

The integration will attempt to match contacts based on the "Phone" column on Monday CRM. If there's no number there, then the system will create a new contact for you.

Only new chats are synced
Group chats don’t sync

Contact Creation on Monday CRM (Basic/Default Integration)

TimelinesAI will sync WhatsApp contacts within the “WhatsApp contacts” Board on Monday CRM. New contacts will be synced as “Items”, with the following details:

Name: The name that'll be assigned to the contact; the format will be "New WhatsApp contact: <phone number>"
→ If the contact's name is changed on WhatsApp, that change will also be reflected on Monday
People: The team member with the Monday user account that connected Monday CRM with the TimelinesAI workspace.
Phone: The phone number that belongs to the contact, which will be found under the "Phone" column

Monday Recipe Integration Setup

After configuring the Basic/Default Integration, you’ll be able to set a Monday Recipe, which will allow you to sync WhatsApp contacts into a particular Board on Monday CRM.

Integration Principles - Monday Recipe

Only new incoming chats are synced
Group chats will be synced

To get started with the Monday Recipe setup, please follow the steps below:

Go to your Monday CRM and access the Board you want to sync contacts to. We recommend adding two columns to that Board: “Phone” and “Link”

The “Phone” column will display the contact’s phone number
The “Link” column will contain the Chat Link on TimelinesAI, which you can click on to review the chat thread

Once you’re done, make sure to click on the “Integrate” button that’s above:

Search for the TimelinesAI app and click on it

You’ll see a template show up beside the app’s description, “When new incoming chat received for WhatsApp Account number create an item”. You may click on it to configure it:

Clicking on the “WhatsApp Account number” option will allow you to:
select any specific WhatsApp account that you have connected on TimelinesAI, so this particular recipe can work for that one or;
select “Any”, so the recipe can work for all of the connected WhatsApp accounts in your TimelinesAI workspace

Then, you’ll need to click on “item”, so you can add the details as shown here:

Once you add the details, you may click on “Done” and Monday will enable this recipe automatically.

With this recipe now configured, all your new incoming chats on WhatsApp will have their contacts synced on Monday, within the Board you chose and following the parameters you mapped.

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Updated on: 14/03/2024

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