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Archiving Chats

Archived Chats

You can archive chats that are not in use anymore. When you archive a chat, it disappears from the general Chat List. It will also disappear from the filtered lists of chats.

It can be useful in scenarios where you want to track the performance of agents handling chats, when it comes to closed cases. In this case, if a team member in responsible of a chat closes and archives it, they won't see it in the list of active chats anymore.

Note: The chat will be active again and appear at the top of the chats list if the contact replies it.

Archiving Chats

To archive a single chat:

Hover your cursor over the chat you want to archive
In the floating menu on the right, click on the "Archive" icon
The chat is now Archived and it will disappear from the Chat List

To archive selected chats:

Select the chats you want to archive by ticking the checkbox on the left
Click on the "Archive" button that's on the toolbar at the top of your Chat List view
The chats are now Archived and will disappear from the Chat List

How to see archived chats

If you need to see archived chats, you may do so by creating a Filter where you set this. We recommend referring to the following article, to learn more about creating filter:

Applying Filters to the Chat Inbox

After creating the filter for archived chats, you'll see these grayed out:

You'll be able to open these chats and review their contents.

You may also "unarchive" these chats. Just make sure to hover your cursor over each of them and click on the "unarchive" button or, select them by ticking the checkbox on the left, so you can then click on the "unarchive" button available within the toolbar that's at the top of your Chat List.

Updated on: 02/01/2023

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