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Assigning a Chat to a Teammate

How chats are assigned by default

New chats from WhatsApp come as "Unassigned", by default. The chat may be re-assigned to any team member in the workspace.

If the teammate sends the first reply to an unassigned chat, that chat will be automatically assigned to that teammate. A "Responsible" teammate can be assigned to an individual chat as well as to a group chat. It can be re-assigned manually as shown below:

How to assign chats

To assign a chat to yourself or someone else:

Hover your cursor over a chat you want to assign
Click on the "Assign" icon, in the floating menu on the right
Choose a teammate or yourself from the list
Press "Assign"

To assign several chats to a person at once:

Select several chats by ticking their respective checkboxes, which are on the left side of each chat
Click on the "Assign" button that will show up in the menu at the top of the list
Choose the person you want to assign from the list

To assign a chat from within a chat thread:

Go into a chat and navigate to the "Contact Info" section on the right
Click on "Responsible", to see a drop-down menu:

In the drop-down menu select a teammate you want to assign a chat to:

The selected user will receive an email and in-app notification, so this feature may be useful to set tasks to manage specific chats. You can unassign a chat from the same drop-down menu in the chat view.

Note: You need to have other team members in your workspace for this to work. You can invite team members into TimelinesAI using the Team menu.

Tip: The "Assign" feature works well with the custom Assign Filter. You can set a custom list that will display chats assigned to a specific teammate in a separate tab (e.g. display only chats assigned to "Katrine" or "Josh", etc.).

Learn how to create custom Chat Filters here.

Updated on: 27/01/2023

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