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Customer.io Campaign Workflow Pipedrive Workflows Automation HubSpot Workflows Monday Automations ( native)

CRM software systems often come with their own integrated native automation systems.
Learn how TimelinesAI can improve your business processes when used within such systems:

Customer.io Campaign WorkflowSend automated WA follow up messages
HubSpot WorkflowsSend WA message when {$XXX} happens
Pipedrive Workflows AutomationMark "New WA message" activity as To-Do
Re-open a “lost” deal when new WA message is received
Disable visibility of new deals for team members
Change deals/leads title
Custom field with a direct link to WA chat
Monday AutomationsCreate items in Monday.com board for new WA chats

Special automation software such as Make.com or Zapier.com allows you to create, build, and automate workflows that are limited only by your imagination.
Learn how to use TimelinesAI within such workflows below:

Bitrix24 CRM: create a new contact at Bitrix24 CRM when new WhatsApp Message is receivedViewn/a
Bitrix24 CRM: synchronize new incoming WhatsApp messages into task commentsViewn/a
Monday.com: send automatic WhatsApp messagesn/a View
Monday.com: sync WhatsApp messages as updates for board itemsViewn/a
Labels/HubSpot: add labels to chats in TimelinesAI depending on who is the owner of the contact at HubSpotn/a View
Labels: how to add labels to TimelinesAI chats from Google Sheets datan/a View
ChatGPT: enable/disable automaticallyViewn/a
Notify: in Slack Channel, when you receive a new WA messagen/aView
Notify: your contact in WhatsApp, when they book a new Calendly event.n/aView

Updated on: 21/02/2024

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