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Setting a Follow-up Reminder for a Chat Message

How to set Follow-up Reminders with your WhatsApp Contacts on TimelinesAI

For your team's convenience, reminders may be set up, for a particular message in a chat. You may set a time and date, to follow-up on that message; when the time comes, you'll receive an email notification with a link to the chat in question.

To set a Follow-up Reminder for a Message:

Go to the desired chat thread and find a message you want to be reminded of
Hover your cursor over the message and click on the "Bell" icon on the floating menu

Select the date and time when you wish to receive a reminder
Also, you may leave a text within the text box, just below where you pick the time and date, as shown below:

Choosing a Time and Date for your Reminder

You can choose from the pre-set time options that we provide, such as:

Tomorrow (8:00AM)
This weekend (8:00AM)
Next week (8:00AM)

There is a custom option as well, which will allow you to pick a time/date of your convenience for the reminder.

Updated on: 21/12/2022

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