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Muting/Unmuting Chats

Muting Chats

If you don't want to get notifications for a specific chat, you can mute it. The chat will be muted for you until you unmute it. Keep in mind that the chat will be muted only for you. Your Teammates will have it unmuted on their side.

How to Mute a Chat:

Hover your cursor over the chat you want to mute
In the floating menu on the right, click on the bell icon "Mute Chat"
The chat will immediately be muted for you

Note: You are able to select multiple chats from your inbox and mute them all, by clicking on the same bell icon that will display on the menu that's at the top of the page.

You can also mute a chat from the Contact Info panel, which is on the right side within the chat in question.

To Mute a Chat from the Contact Info Panel:

Open the chat thread
Click on the bell icon "Mute Chat", within the Contact Info section, on the right side
The chat will be muted for you

Unmuting Chats

Muted chats will remain like that until you manually unmute them.

You can unmute a chat following the steps aforementioned. However, to unmute multiple chats:

Select the chats you want to unmute
Refer to the menu that will display at the top of your inbox
Click on the 3-dot button and select "Unmute":

Enabling New Message Notifications

If you want to enable notifications for new messages, you can do so by referring to this document: Enable WhatsApp Notifications on your Desktop

Updated on: 02/01/2023

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