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How to Close/Reopen Chats on TimelinesAI

TimelinesAI allows you to close or reopen chats, within your Shared Inbox. This is quite helpful when it comes to determining which chats have been successfully handled(resolved) by your team.

Closing/Reopening Chats: Overview

Whenever you access your Shared Inbox, via the "Chats" section on TimelinesAI, you'll notice the following:

Both buttons will allow you to close chats. After closing a chat:

An indication "Closed" will be applied to the affected chats, to indicate that these have been closed
Closed chats will be visible within the "All chats" filter or by creating a custom filter (see details below)

You may also close chats whenever you access them, by clicking on the "Close" button that'll show up on top of the message text box. On the other hand, you may reopen chats via the chat list floating menu or, within the chat itself.

If you close/reopen a chat, you'll see a record within the chat history, which will notify anyone reviewing it, when this events happened, as shown below:


Besides helping you discern which team members did close/reopen the chats, you will find a couple of applications using this feature:

For your Filters:

If you want to oversee how many chats have been closed(resolved) on TimelinesAI, you may create a filter for this particular purpose. To do so, make sure to refer to this link: Applying Filters to the Chat Inbox

In Zaps:

You may use the closed chats feature as a trigger or action for your Zaps on Zapier.

On Zapier, when you create a Zap by integrating TimelinesAI with a service of your choice (i.e.: Slack, Google Sheets, etc.), you'll be able to select "Chat Closed in TimelinesAI" as either a trigger or final action.

Setting this as a trigger will allow Zapier to run the automation after a chat is closed and continue with the consequent final action that you configure
Whereas setting this as the action will close the chat on TimelinesAI

Updated on: 30/05/2023

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