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Check which Messages were Shared Externally

Sharing a URL of a Specific Message

TimelinesAI allows you to share messages using their assigned URL. Teammates can share this URL with other clients or externally.

In order to review which messages were shared, TimelinesAI gives an option to access the shared links statistics.

You may do so by following the steps below:

Open a chat and navigate to the right panel
Click on "Sharing links"

You will be redirected to the Sharing links section

In the Sharing Links section, you'll see the following information:

Created on: Indicates when was the URL generated
Created by: Name of the Teammate who created and shared the URL
Preview: Short version of the shared message. You may click on it, to see the whole message
View history: How many times the message URL was open
Copy link: Allows you to copy the URL link
Delete: It deletes the share link record within this section

View History

In the View history section, you may see additional details about the shared URL of a message.

Updated on: 02/01/2023

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