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How to create a webhook module to catch data from your TimelinesAI webhook

Open the existing Zap or create a new one
Add a new step
Search and select Webhooks by Zapier

Select Catch hook event and click Continue

Pick off a Child Key if needed. Leave empty to receive entire payload
Copy generated URL
Open > Add a new endpoint or edit existing one. Refer to this article on how to created/edit TimelinesAI webhooks.
Paste the copied webhook into the Webhook URL field

How to run the created Webhook module

Generate an event selected as event type in your TimelinesAI webhook. Example: if even type is message:new - then send a WhatsApp message or wait for an incoming message.
Click "Test Trigger" in Zapier

The latest generated event should appear as a record

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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