WhatsApp bans: what to do if my number was banned

Understand WhatsApp Terms of Service

WhatsApp has specific policies which prohibit users from:

sending unsolicited messages
sending illegal or impermissible communications
adding contacts to a group/s without their permission

Recall the activity preceding the ban and compare it to the Acceptable Use of Service to build your case:

What kind of messages have you tried to send?
Whom did you message?
How many messages have you sent?
Have you tried adding contacts to a group?

If everything generally aligns with WhatsApp's Acceptable Use of Service there should not be a problem with getting your account un-banned

Request WhatsApp to unblock your account

Open the WhatsApp application on your phone.
If you see the "Your phone number is banned from using WhatsApp. Contact support for help." message, tap on "Contact support."
In the contact form, describe your case clearly and politely.
Don’t mention using any 3rd party services or mass messaging practices.
Do mention that you believe the ban is a mistake. Include any details that support your case. For example, providing evidence of user consent to receive messages from you.
Send the email and wait for a response. This may take a few days, so be patient. Sample request:
Dear WhatsApp Support. I have reviewed your Terms of Service (“Acceptable Use of Our Services” section in particular), and believe my number was banned by mistake. I have messaged a number of contacts recently. But they have all agreed to be contacted by me over WhatsApp earlier by leaving their numbers on an offline event we all attended [Event link or name here] . I kindly ask you to review the ban and re-activate my account

When the account has been un-banned: consider what you can do to avoid bans in the future

Review the activity preceding the ban again by checking all outgoing messages.
Take notes on what could have caused the ban to be careful with the same activity in the future
Check detailed recommendations on how to avoid bans in the future here https://help.timelines.ai/en/article/whatsapp-mass-messaging-best-practices-185u61o/
Consider changing the business processes in a way that encourages your targeted audience to message you first. One possible solution is placing a WhatsApp button on your website so that the first messages are TO you rather than being FROM you. This significantly decreases the possibility of a ban if you try to message those users later with any promotional materials

When the account has been un-banned: consider tactful approach to reconnect the number and engage it in the usual level of activity

Use the number solely on the WhatsApp application installed on your phone for at least a couple of days. Consistently participate in conversations with contacts who are likely to respond. Steer clear of one-sided chats without any replies.
Start using WhatsApp web after a couple of days. Keep participating in active back-and-forth conversations with your regular contacts
Connect the number to TimelinesAI after using the number on WhatsApp web:
if possible install WhatsApp on a new "clean" device with no previous WhatsApp installation history or Facebook applications installed.
scan the TimelinesAI QR code from a completely different wi-fi network.
refrain from undertaking any activities that, based on your analysis, may have led to a ban in the past
Start engaging in new activities via TimelinesAI gradually. Monitor your WhatsApp status regularly.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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