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Pipedrive Integration: Individual Connection

The Pipedrive Integration has two kinds of connections:

The Workspace/Master Connection
The Individual Connection

In this article, we'll review the Individual Connection, so your team can use the Pipedrive Integration and its features.

What is the Pipedrive Individual Connection?

This connection is intended for the rest of your team members, so they can connect their own Pipedrive accounts (the ones that are part of your Pipedrive Organization's account) to TimelinesAI, and use the Integration Panel that we have available on Pipedrive.

It's imperative that the Workspace/Master Connection is established (either by the Owner or Admins within the TimelinesAI workspace), in order for the rest of the team to connect their own Pipedrive accounts to TimelinesAI. You can learn more about this by referring to this article: How to integrate WhatsApp with Pipedrive

To Connect an Individual Pipedrive Account to TimelinesAI:

Log into your Pipedrive account
Then, within the same web browser window, go to the Pipedrive Integration settings on TimelinesAI
Click on the Individual Connection tab
Then, click on the "Connect Pipedrive" button:

You'll be taken to a page where you'll need to provide authorization to the system to connect your TimelinesAI profile with your Pipedrive user account. After confirming authorization, you'll be taken back to TimelinesAI where you'll see now that the connection has been established.

Integration Panel on Pipedrive

This panel will allow you as a user, to send WhatsApp messages from Pipedrive. Just make sure to open a Deal on Pipedrive, and you'll see this panel on the left:

Clicking on the "Send Whatsapp message" button will open a window which will contain different fields for you to work with, in order to send a proper WhatsApp message to the contact. You can learn more details about it here: How to Reply or Start New WhatsApp Chats from Pipedrive

If you have more questions, then make sure to send us a message to our Chat Support or an email at We'll be happy to further assist you!

Updated on: 12/10/2023

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