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How to create a TimelinesAI Webhook module

Open the existing scenario or create a new one
Add a new module: to add a new module to empty scenarios, simply click the + sign. For existing scenarios, right-click anywhere on the page and choose Add a module.
Search and select Webhooks > Custom Webhook
Click the Add button next to Choose a hook and enter the desired name in the window that pops up to the right > click Save:
Click Copy address to clipboard:
Paste and save the copied webhook into the Webhook URL field
Select desired Aggregation granularity. The messages will be aggregated and sent using the webhook according to the selection (every 1, 6, 12, 24 hours) or will be sent as soon as they appear in TimelinesAI ("Don’t aggregate")
Toggle the Webhook enabled switch

How to run the created Webhook module

Right-click the created Webhook module > Run this module only. Once the module is active, it waits for data from your WhatsApp account. Wait for a real new WhatsApp message or send yourself a test message to speed up the process.
When the data is received the Webhook module will display a counter on the upper right side. If you click the counter you will see the received data

Updated on: 17/01/2024

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