How to turn off syncing for private chats

Disabling private chats

You can prevent TimelinesAI from syncing private chats that you might have in your WhatsApp account. If you do so, your private chats will not be seen in the Shared Inbox within TimelinesAI.

How to disable private chats from being synced to Timelines?

To disable chats from being synchronized to your Shared Inbox:

In your TimelinesAI account, go to the WhatsApp section
Select "My account" tab at the top
Click on "Manage the contact list" drop-down menu
Within the list, search for the chats that you don't want to share with your team
Toggle off the synchronization for those chats, as shown here:

What is going to happen if I turn off the synchronization of private chats?

These chats will remain in your WhatsApp mobile app and you will be able to respond to them from your there.

Note: In the Chats section(Shared Inbox) on Timelines, you will be able to see those chats there if these were synced to TimelinesAI before turning off the synchronization. Disabling synchronization means that new messages arriving to those chats will be not show up on TimelinesAI. Therefore, after turning off the synchronization of those chats, we recommend deleting them from your inbox on TimelinesAI.

Keep in mind that deleted chats are not retrievable.

Updated on: 15/08/2023

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