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Create items in board for new incoming WhatsApp chats

You can create items in the board when a new WhatsApp chat is received using the TimelinesAI template or a custom template.
This article describes both approaches:

via TimelinesAI Automation template

via Custom Automation

via TimelinesAI Automation template

TimelinesAI offers a ready-to-use template within the Automation center.
This automation will create new items within any desired board when a new WhatsApp message is received.

Open your account account > desired board. For example "Leads".
While on the "Leads" board click Automate
Search for and click "TimelinesAI" within the templates
Click "Use Template"
Tigger: When new incoming chat received for : select the desired WhatsApp account number
Action: Create an : click the item and select how data about a new TimelinesAI WhatsApp chat should map with columns from the desired board (in this case "Leads") . Add the automation to the board and make sure it appears as active

via Custom Automation

TimelinesAI integration synchronizes WhatsApp contacts into a special “WhatsApp contacts” board.
This automation will duplicate new items from the default “WhatsApp contacts” board to any other desired board.

Open your account account > "WhatsApp contacts" board
While on the "WhatsApp contacts" board click Automate
Click "Create custom automation"
Tigger: When this happens: search for and select: item created
Action: Then to this: search for and select create item in board
Click the board and select the new destination/targer board. Ex: Leads
Click the item and select how columns from the current ("WhatsApp contacts" board) should map with columns from the new target board ( "Leads")
Save your changes and make sure the automation is turned ON

Updated on: 21/12/2023

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