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Checking if a message is synced to Pipedrive

Syncing messages to Pipedrive

TimelinesAI automatically synchronizes messages with your contacts on Pipedrive. If there is a Deal associated to a Person on Pipedrive, WhatsApp messages will display in the Deal’s feed as well.

If there is no Deal associated to a Person, it will be created automatically – it is a custom option that can be disabled in the Pipedrive Integration Settings on TimelinesAI.

See all communication from a newly contacted person, within a Deal

If there is a new contact messaging you on TimelinesAI, they will be synchronized to your Pipedrive. That contact will create a Deal in your Pipedrive with the number instead of the name.

Automatically rename contacts on Pipedrive

If you rename a contact on WhatsApp and TimelinesAI, it will be automatically renamed on Pipedrive. However, to trigger this action, that contact should send or receive a message from your WhatsApp number connected to Timelines.

See the history of changes to the Pipedrive Person on a TimelinesAI chat

It's possible to check changes made to a Person on Pipedrive, by reviewing the chat on TimelinesAI.

You can review the history of changes made to a Person by following the steps below:

Open the chat you want to review on TimelinesAI
Hover your cursor over a message and click on the three-dot icon "⋯" that will show up above the message
Select Pipedrive Log from the drop-down
A window will pop up with the entire history

Updated on: 15/06/2023

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