TimelinesAI enables you to easily organize your information for quick access, collaborate with the rest of the team on your business communication or review their messaging. 

How to Organize Messages From Whatsapp and Email In TimelinesAI

When you import your messages from email or Whatsapp, they get sorted into the relevant folders for easy access and review of the entire team. 

 All the attachments get imported as well. They get listed in a separate dedicated tab, so you can conveniently access the files, download them or jump to the original message:

The documents and files from your email and Whatsapp chats get sorted for quick access automatically

Additionally, you can mark important messages with Tags and indicate the milestones in your communication. This will help you and your teammates to quickly find the most relevant information.

For instance, we mark messages with tags such as “upsell”, “monthly report” and “proposal” as these are the most important events in our communication with clients. 

You may create and search for tags according to what’s important in your messaging for the company

It makes it easy for you to stay in the loop without actually interrupting each other, as you can just search for a relevant tag, message or client. It is a much more insightful and faster way to stay in the know than writing long summaries or spending time on meetings to discuss the communication.

Everything is in plain sight for any member of the team who has appropriate rights to access this information.

How to Share Access To Your Timelines With Your Team

TimelinesAI distinguishes between Team access and Guest access. The main difference is, Guests only get access to view and can’t change, update or remove anything from your Timeline or Workspace. Users invited as your Team members can change things according to their role and level of access.

By default, when you register an account within the app, you get the role of an owner with full rights. There also are: 

  • Teammate – can view any Timeline in the Workspace, update or edit them. Can’t delete the Owner.
  • Collaborator – can view only the Timeline(s) they were specifically shared access to. All the other Timelines will not be visible to them. Collaborators can only update the Timelines they were invited to, and only edit the content created by them. This role is useful for work with contractors or people from other teams.
  • Guest – can only view the Timeline or page they were invited to. Can’t update, change or remove anything from the Timeline or Workspace. This role is handy when you need to share the information with someone from outside of your organisation. 

When you invite a user into your Workspace, they get the Teammate role. You may change their role and the level of access in the Team menu of the Workspace tab.

This short video guide explains this best:


How to Collaborate With Your Team on Communication With Your Clients and Customers

TimelinesAI provides you with a lot of ways to simplify reporting or reviewing the business communication in your team.

Instead of writing long summaries or spending time on meetings discussing the results of your messaging, you may just share a link or forward the messages via email. 

You can share your messages either by inviting a Teammate or Guest to view the Timeline (through the appropriate tab), or by selecting specific messages and sharing a link.

TimelinesAI enables you to easily share your messages from email and Whatsapp with the rest of your team


Additionally, you may forward selected messages via your email. The recipient will get a link to a page that displays the messages that you selected to share. 


Via the “Sharing” tab you may learn the view stats of the links that you shared. This comes in handy to learn if a person did actually view the information you sent them and how many times.

View history indicates the number of times your link was clicked and viewed

You can withdraw the access you provided at Team Permissions, Guest access and Sharing tabs at any time. 

To provide additional details or insert some extra information, you can create a Note:

You can upload files and documents and attach them to Notes to share even more details with your team

In case you want to discuss, point out or clarify something, write a Comment and mention your Teammate. 

When you mention a teammate, they receive a notification to their email and will see that you wrote them right away.

To make sure you or another person from your team will remember to follow up on the important message, you can set a Reminder for yourself or Assign it as a task to another team member. 


At the chosen day and time, you will receive an email with a short reminder description and the link to a message

To make the collaboration even easier, we have implemented the Notification Center. It highlights the Timelines with new emails (the ones you haven’t read yet) with bold, indicates the number of unread, and provides you with other Notifications like mentions from your teammates, reminders, etc:


If the article and short guides don’t cut it for you, here’s an in-depth narrated guide that explains all of the above in details (it is long, but it has timestamps in the video description on YouTube for your convenience):

That’s it! If you have questions on how something works in TimelinesAI, reach out to us in chat. If you have ideas for improvements or new feature requests, please feel free to suggest them or vote on our Public Roadmap

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