Welcome to TimelinesAI! 

Here are the most common cases when the app may be useful for you:

  • It enables you to save your messages and attachments in a structured, accessible and eye-friendly view. It is a good way to store the information that you may need someday, like milestones in communication with clients, proposals, upsells, invoices, all such stuff.
  • You may easily review or share messages within your team which makes it perfect to report your communication and keep your team updated. Reviewing the Timeline is much more convenient than being cc’d to every conversation. Not to mention that this is the only way to update each other on communication with clients on Whatsapp if you use it. 
  • You get to view all the important messages and Timelines in one place. This is especially useful for team collaboration, as you may invite your teammates and exchange access to Timelines, write comments and set reminders to follow up on specific messages

The app will help you to stay updated about the status of work with your clients at any stage, and answer all the questions that usually come along. For example:

Was the deal confirmed? Were there any nitty-gritty details that may impact the scope of your work? Did your manager send the report to your client and what was in it? Are your clients satisfied?… and any other similar question that you would recurrently need to ask your managers to ensure that everything goes as planned.

All you need to do to answer these questions is to share or read a Timeline with messages that highlight milestones in communication with your client.

You can import and view messages from different channels in one Timeline

Here’s how you do that:

How to Import Your Communication With Clients

There are several ways to import messages into your Timeline depending on the channel you use for the communication with your clients.

If you want to learn more details of how each of the options works, read this detailed article or watch the video below:

How to Share Messages With Your Boss, Team or Clients 

The easiest way to share messages from the Timeline is to select the messages you want to give access to and press the “Share” button above. You’ll get a link to a dedicated page that contains the messages and documents you selected. 

 Anyone with the link will get access to viewing this page. You may also exchange comments, but they will only be visible to the members of your team. Withdraw access at any time by deleting the page in the Sharing tab.  

To provide constant access to the whole Timeline use Team access. Every time you add new messages to the timeline, your teammates will see a notification in the app. That’s a more pleasant experience to keep them updated than having them cc’d to every conversation.

To provide temporary access to the person outside of your team (contractor, supplier or client) use Guest access. To get permission to view the Timeline, Guests need to enter a code that only works once – in such a way they can’t share the access with anyone else without your knowledge. 

How To Set Comments and Reminders To Follow Up With Clients

The video guide that explains this and other collaboration options on TimelinesAI:

To add context or more details about a specific message, press the speech bubble button. 

If you want Timelines to notify a person about the comment, you may mention anyone from your workspace by using @ and adding their e-mail.

Only people who are listed in Team access tab will be able to view your comments and reply to them. For Guests your comments will not be visible – if you want to share additional information with your guest, use Notes.

If you want Timelines to remind you to follow up with your clients or teammates regarding a specific message, press the bell button on the message menu and select the date and time when you wish to receive a reminder. It will come as an email with the link to a message which contains this comment. 



That’s it! If you have any other questions or want to share feedback, please reach out in chat in the right bottom corner of your screen.

I’ll be glad to hear from you!

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