There are several ways to import a message into a Timeline.

For E-Mail

• Forward the e-mail to the appropriate Timeline

To do it, just grab the Timeline's unique address and forward the message from any
e-mail service that you use. It will be sorted out in a chronological order automatically. All the attachments will be fetched and sorted out as well.

It is useful when you want to add only a couple of messages to a Timeline, and not the whole thread.

 • Use TimelinesAI add-on for G-mail

It is the easiest way to import a lot of messages.
The add-on enables you to import e-mails by whole threads in a couple of clicks.

• Set the automatic e-mail forwarding to TimelinesAI Inbox

Since TimelinesAI Inbox provides you with a unified e-mail address which will then streamline your messages into the appropriate Timelines, you may automate importing selected e-mails (from specific senders, recepients, with a certain subject, etc.) into TimelinesAI.

To do it, navigate to your Inbox in TimelinesAI, grab the e-mail address of your inbox and set up the forwarding to this e-mail address. 

While you can set up the simple rule to forward everything that comes to your inbox into Timelines, we recommend to use filters and set some rules.

Read this short guide that explains how to set forwarding for e-mails that meet specific criteria if you want to automate the importing part of your work with TimelinesAI. 

For Whatsapp

• Use our Chrome extension for Whatsapp Web

TimelinesAI extension for Whatsapp Web enables you to import the whole chat into the Timeline of choice. It works similar to our add-on for G-mail. Open the chat, select your workspace and the relevant Timeline and press "Export" - all the messages will be copied into the app.

It is useful when you need to save the important discussion, combine Whatsapp messages with e-mail or share them with your team.

That’s it! If you have any additional questions or require our help, feel free to reach out via chat.

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