TimelinesAI enables you to import your messages from Whatsapp by using Whatsapp Web. This may be useful in case you need to save the important discussion, view e-mail and Whatsapp messages in one place or share them with your team.

Use our Chrome extension for Whatsapp Web

TimelinesAI extension for Whatsapp Web enables you to import the whole chat into the Timeline of choice. It works similar to our add-on for G-mail. Open the chat, select your workspace and the relevant Timeline and press "Export" - all the messages will be copied into the app.

If you want to share only several messages and not the whole chat, you may select the messages that you want to share and press Export:

It is useful when you need to save the important discussion, combine Whatsapp messages with e-mail or share them with your team.

Supported types of attachments:

  • Images (up to 3 per message)
  • Voice messages
  • Documents (any format)

Known limitations:

  • Please don't close or switch the chat while the importing is in progress (in case the history is big, it may take several minutes);

That’s it!  If you have any additional questions or require our help, feel free to reach out via chat.

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